Astbury Darlings Covid - 19 Update.


We can now provide a fully contactlss delivery and installation service for our inflatables, leaving you with everything you need to have a wonderful, but most importantly , safe time.

1) Social distancing rules will apply, you must STAY INDOORS  ON OUR ARRIVAL, SET- UP AND COLLECTION. (Please be patient with us as set up may take a little lomger)

2)Anyone with Covid - 19 symptoms CANNOT HIRE.

3) We can set up in secure gardens only with no public access.

4) We prefer not to access your garden through your house, but if we need to - please could you maintain social distancing.

6) Our equipment will be cleaned and sanitised before deflating with high grade anitibacterial products. It will be stored in a cleaned sanitised storage area.

7) Payment made by a non contact method such as  via Bacs payment is preferred  . (All details will be sent via email)

We have updated our terms and conditions in light of the current circumstances... these will need to be signed and returned before hire via email.

We will continue to follow the government advice and we will update our guide lines in accordance with new advice.

The above steps that we are taking to keep customers and their children safe and our staff safe. We want to reassure our customers that we are taking every precaution to maintain a hygenic and safe environment, we follow government guidnace regarding hand washing and will be wearing approprite protective items which will be disgarded after each set up and collection.

Additional advice and information is provided in our updated terms and conditions in the Covid - 19 section.

If  you have any questions please contact us and we will be happy to answer them for you.

Thankyou for your understanding and continued support at this difficult time.


We will continue to monitor and update  and adapt any of ou processes as needed as the situation continues to evolve. We will endevour to do this as soon as we are aware of changes in government guidelines and restrictions as health and safety is paramount.

Sharing Advice to Stay Healthy.

We would like to remind all our customers to follow guidance from public health authorities. We would urge all customersto follow the advice on hand washing frequently with water and soap for 20 seconds or use alcohol hand gel, and be aware of safe coughing etiquette.

Avoid shaking hands where necessary. Wear masks where appropriate.

Think of yourselves and your family.


Astbury Darlings Terms and Conditions 2020 updated

We have added a new section to our terms and conditions to provide information inline with the government guidance regarding the Covid - 19 Pandemic.