The Unicorn Packages.

We now have our standard unicorn package as shown below, along with our larger Unicorn  package which includes aditional items such as slide and tunnel, more soft play shapes covering a 12f x 12f area. 

Both Packages are set out on padded pink and purple safety mats.

Either package can now be made larger by adding our Unicorn Themed Bouncy Castle to the Package too. The Bouncy Castle is 15f x 11f and 10f tall.

The Standard Unicorn Package above covers a 12f x8f area. It has a variety Of brightly covered building blocks, mirrored triangles, a sensory cube, along with a sensory unicorn soft play piece. The very popular unicorn hoppers are included along with the unicorn sit on animals too!
Also Included is our brightly coloured rainbow , large gym ball and peanut which is fantastic for rolling and climbing on.

The Large Unicorn Soft Play Package.

The Standard Unicorn Package with Added Unicorn themed Bouncy Castle, with added ride on's.