The Toddler Package has a Bouncy castle without a roof and a great range of soft play included !

5. Dec, 2019

The Toddler Package

The Toddler Package is Super for the little one's .. with a smaller sized Bouncy Castle 15f x 10f, and 7F 6 inches tall. It's perfect for the toddlers who are still finding their feet!

This package can be set up indoor or outdoors ... however this Bouncy castle does not have a rain cover so nice, dry  weather is required!

This Package is perfect for venues , the soft play can be set up to suit the space available.

The Soft Play equipment is varied to suit toddlers and is a perfect size for, exploring,  climbing, grasping and building with.

(Soft play shapes and equipment may differ slightly from what is shown in the picture, colours, Ball Pit and animals may vary)


The Toddler Package with added ride On's.

The Toddler Package is for Indoor Use too.