The Inflatable Marquee

The Inflatable Marquee is 4Meters Squared.. it can be hired on its own or with a soft play Package included. Perfect for all outdoor events !

Outdoor Packages

Our Outdoor Packages are great for garden parties, Weddings and  summer fun!

Our Super Soft Play Surround provides a fully sheltered area full of fantastic fun equipment and a built in ball pit.

We are happy to tailor packages for out door use, however cover must be provided to protect the  children and the equipment from all types of weather conditions.

Bouncy Castles and our Inflatable ball pit can be added to all of our Outdoor soft play packages. 

  • Available from April - September (In the case of heavy rain, snow or wind we reserve the right to cancel or re arrange a date for you in the interest of safety)
  • Cover such as a marquee must be provided for any out door package hired, if not hired in our soft play surround.
  • Colours and content may differ slightly from those shown.
  • We reserve the right to replace a particular item should it become unavailable, without notice.

The Super Surround Soft Play Package - Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor use.
This fantastic play area comes with a built in ball pit, soft play cubes and shapes, Animal rockers, horse hoppers, a ladybird rocker, and sit on soft play animals.
It comes complete with built in rain cover and sides which have windows so the children can be supervised at all times and kept safe.

Great for protecting children from sunshine or drizzling weather, the party can still go on as with this super surround shelter is provided.
Size - 14f x14f
Height - 10 foot.

Ride On's can be added to the Super Surround Soft Play package as an add on.

  • The Super Surround Soft Play Package.

    The picture above shows some of the fantastic soft play equipment included in the surround package.

  • The Super Surround Soft Play Package.

  • The Super Surround Soft Play Package.

  • Inflatable Ball Pit and Bouncy Castle.

    Our Inflatable Ball Pit is suitable for out door use as shown in the picture above.
    Shelter is required to protect the children and the equipment from the weather conditions.

  • Large Soft Play Package.

    This Large Soft Play Package was set up in a marquee at a garden party.
    Outdoor fun in a sheltered area.
    (Marquee provided by the customer hiring the equipment.)

  • Inflatable Ball Pit

    The Inflatable Ball Pit can be hired on its own ! Great set up under a gazebo or in our Inflatable Marquee.