Bouncy Castles for all Occasions.

Our Bouncy Castles are suitable for indoor and out door use.

(Please note we do not provide Bouncy castles for hard standing ground outdoors,  a paved area for example.... A grassed or soft area where we can peg down our castles is required... in the interest of safety)

Bouncy Castles can be teamed up with any of our ball pits, soft play packages, inflatable ball pit and /or ride on's .... build a package to suit you , your guests and  your party needs.

Dinosaur Themed Bouncy Castle! 12f x14 f with built in rain cover .

Jungle themed Bouncy Castle ! 12f x 14f with built in raincover .

Our Amazing Jungle themed Bouncy Castle lots of fun to hire on its own or alongside one of our super soft play Packages.

The Toddler Bouncy Castle - 15F X 10 F

The Toddler Castle is 15f x 10 f and 7f 6 inches tall. Perfect for the little one's still finding their feet.There is no Rain cover included so this bouncy castle is better suited for indoor use, unless there is dry weather for outdoor use.

  • Balloons and Stars Toddler Bouncy Castle .. 10f x 12f and 8f tall

  • Toddler Bouncy Castle

  • Toddler Bouncy Castle

16. Jul, 2020

Bouncy Castle with Slide !

Check out below ..A Bouncy Castle with slide ! 18f long and 12 F Wide .. It is !0f tall. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use with a built in rain cover.

Our Bouncy Castle and slide Combi's.
Complete with built in rain covers.

With Built in Rain cover.

  • Bouncy Castle Slide Combi

  • Bouncy Castle Slide Combi

  • Bouncy Castle Slide Combi

Our Bouncy castles are 15f x 11f and 10f tall ... all come with built in raincovers so can be used indoors or out doors.

We have a selection of Themed Bouncy Castles.

2. May, 2016

Themed Bouncy Castles.

Why Not book our Frozen , Unicorn, Star wars or Marvel Super Hero themed bouncy castle's , or add one to one of our soft play packages.

The Unicorn Themed Bouncy Castle.

  • The Marvel Bouncy Castle.

    Our Marvell Super Hero Themed Bouncy Castle is 15f x 11 f and 10 foot tall.
    A vibrant character filled castle with all of the favourite super hero's included !

  • The Unicorn Bouncy Castle.

    The UnicornThemed Bouncy Castle is 15 f x 11 f and 10 foot tall. It can be teamed up with our unicorn soft play package's.

  • The Marvel Bouncy Castle.

    15f x 11f and 10f tall.

Marvel Bouncy Castle Fun !

  • Our Balloon Themed Bouncy Castle
    15 x 11foot

  • Our Star Wars Bouncy Castle.
    15x 11foot

  • Our Frozen Bouncy Castle.
    15 x11 foot

Bouncy Castles can be added to any soft play package.

Bouncy Castle with a Large Soft Play Package and added Ride On's.

Our Frozen Themed Bouncy Castle